Evidence-led nutraceuticals

Trilogy is founded on an unwavering commitment to develop products that deliver unsurpassed efficacy, rooted in impartial scientific research and real-world expertise.

Informed by the lessons of the early 2020s, we are driven to enhance well-being, nurture cellular vitality, bolster natural immunity, and fortify the body’s inherent antioxidant mechanisms.

Dedicated to functional health

Our personal and collective encounters with a new toxin have deepened our commitment to continuous research – anchored in the belief that the realms of pathogens and life sciences should not be politicised.

Our journey in pursuit of evidence-based insights has led us to esteemed specialists, and a range of proven methodologies, trusted and reliable sources. Regulatory guidelines determine how certain research findings are presented and shared. We warmly invite discerning consumers to engage in their own informed investigations.

Formulation excellence – relentlessly pursued

Trilogy’s resolve is to provide unmatched functional support, in a post-pandemic world. Firmly rooted in a three-pronged research approach concentrating on inflammation, oxidation, and coagulation. We are determined to innovate continually and improve formulations by staying abreast of ever-evolving science and proven efficacy.

Moving beyond the clutter of multiple supplements, we’ve crafted Trilogy’s Spike® range, initially for ourselves and loved ones, with Spike Complex® as the pinnacle of all-in-one convenience and value. The result is an encapsulation of a broad-based, synergistic blend of botanical ingredients, carefully selected for their potent properties.

Creating exceptional products relies on meticulous sourcing and certified manufacturing excellence within state-of-the-art facilities. We employ comprehensive quality control testing to uphold unwavering confidence in the excellence of each and every batch.

We always lookout for research-oriented experts with a passion for collaborative, evidence-based innovation – to harness natural compounds to empower well-being, transcending the boundaries of pre-approved claims.